Machinery and Goods For Sale

We have goods and items of machinery for sale. Please contact Kingpak to discuss pricing and to view the equipment. (email All equipment is in full working order.

All goods will be sold as seen and will require collecting or transport costs and arrangements agreed within the sale. Some items may not be available immediately as they are still required until the business is closed.


Jungheinrich GLP 20 AF Gas Counter Balance Forklift Truck. Bought from Amdec Forklifts and light use internally. Lift capacity is 2,000 kgs, Lift Height 4,350mm, Mast Type is Stage 2 NFL, Fork Length 1050mm, Tyres are Super Elastic and the truck has full power steering and Sideshift.



Ripack 920 Heat-Gun. We bought this gun to see if shrink wrapping pallets would work for us. We decided it wasn’t feasable and stuck with stretch film. The gun was used a handful of times to try pallets and then stored in it’s case.


The gun has the ‘Cold Nozzle’ system which means the gas burns outside the gun. The nozzle therefore remains cold. A very good safety feature. Specification is: Gun weight 3.19 Ibs (1,450 gms), 14″ length (36cm), power developed is 42Kw, max gas consumption in continuous duty is 7.165 Ibs/h (3.25 Kg/hr). The gun runs on pressure  -relieved propane gas at 50 PSI/ 3.5 bar.





The following items are all SOLD

Plusair SK19 Air Compressor (SOLD) (screw type – 62 CFM), MTA Dryer, Oil Condensate management system and 12 Cu ft Air Reciever. Full system installed and maintained by supplying dealer.



Plusair SK19 Screw Compressor. This machine is an industry rated, air cooled, oil injected, single stage, rotary screw type compressor having an electric motor, after-cooler, star delta starter, on off switch, hours run meter, oil temperature gauge and pressure gauge all housed within an acoustic closure.

Free air delivered at nwp = 62 CFM at 7.5 bar (109 PSI). Motor size is 11 kw. Electrical supply is 400v / 3ph / 50 Hz. Noise level 67 dBa.

MTA DEP 018 Thermal Mass Refrigerant Dryer. Normal capacity 64 CFM, normal working pressure is 7 bar, refrigerant is R134a. Includes One MTA HEF007M General Protection Pre Filter (particulate removal down to 1 micron / oil removal down to 0.5 ppm) and One MTA HEF007S High Efficiency Oil Removal After Filter (Particulate removal down to 0.01 micron / oil removal down to 0.01 PPM).

Oil Condensate Management System. This system stops untreated condensate (the oily condensate produced by compressors) from getting into drains which when untreated can contravene the National Rivers Authority Regulations and result in a hefty fine. This system comprises of One Owamat 2 oil/water separator unit and One Bekomat 12 “Zero Loss” electronically actuated automatic condensate drain.

250 Litre Vertical Air Reciever complete with Drain valve, Safety Valve and Pressure Gauge.

Prefer this to be sold as a package.

Youtube video of Plusair SK19 ‘Package’ running:  Plusair SK19 Screw Compressor ‘package’ running.


Plusair SK18 Air Compressor (SOLD) (Screw Type – 62 CFM)


Plusair SK18 Screw Compressor. This machine is our ‘Back Up’ machine. If we were changing belts or servicing the SK19 Screw Compressor we switched this on so we had no lost production time.

Free air delivered at nwp = 62 CFM (1.75 m3/min) at 7.5 bar. Motor size is 11 kw. Electrical supply is 400v / 3ph / 50 Hz. Noise level 69 dBa.

This unit can be sold separately or as a package with the SK19 / Dryer / OCMS / Reciever.

Youtube Video of Plusair SK18 Screw Compressor:  Plusair SK18 Screw Type Compressor


Dell Delver 2 (S2) Polythene / Paper / Cardboard Bailer. (SOLD)

Serial Number 0017 date of manufacture 1982. This is a very simple, very efficient workhorse that just keeps going. We have bailed 50kgs to 70kgs of LDPE Polythene with ease. The Bailer is almost silent in operation. It has independent isolation switch, start, stop, emergency stop and auto run.

Youtube Video of the baler working:   Dell Delver 2 Baler in operation.


The Bailer is almost silent in operation. The “Wear Ear Protectors” sign is on the machine because it is sited next to one of the extrusion line gearboxes which was noisy if you knelt right next to it.


Ahlbrandt Corona Treater System. (SOLD)

Needs the corona bars as they are not present, but this is the full treater system. We purchased it to use on our Ghioldi line, but didn’t put it ‘inline’ when we moved into our new premises in Hadfield. Instead it has been safely stored.




Jenco B8 LP Hopper Loader x2. (Both units SOLD)

(Two Units available). Both units are the same model and specification. Automatic Loading Equipment for the transfer of upto 300 kgs/ hour. Single phase unit 240vAC, 80 PSI with 3 metre flexible convey pipe, adjustable suction nozzle and automatic filter purge.


The Jenco B8LP has a high quality cloth filter with an additional compressed air purge system that cleans the filters between loads. This allows the use of both clean granular material and more dusty materials.


Hulme Martin 7600 Duo Heat Sealer. (SOLD)

This is a large capacity general purpose foot operated machine for industrial, warehousing and mail order applications. We bought direct from the main agent and have used lightly in house for sample mock up bags, additional seal  jobs or re-seals. Element length is 770mm / 30″.


Specification includes: Dual electronic time control of heating and cooling cycle. This cable version offers increased flexibility of installation and lever action foot pedal to minimise operator effort. The heating element is spring tensioned and easily reconditionable.


Industrial Cardboard Core cutter. (SOLD)

Trigger handle with full guards. The head is sprung so it holds in place until you choose to press down and start the cutting process. 60″ / 1,520mm working length. The ‘chuck’ can be set to cut at whatever length you require. Has been used to cut 10mm to 20mm walled tubes. Efficient machine and very clean compared with conventional core cutting which leaves lots of dust. We have an unused spare cutter (shown in the pictures).

Youtube video of the core cutter in operation: Core Cutter cutting 15mm wall cardboard tube.