Extruders and Bagging Machines for Sale

We have goods and items of machinery for sale. Please contact Kingpak to discuss pricing and to view the equipment. (01457 862521 / email sales@kingpak.co.uk). All equipment is in full working order. Our factory/ family business is closing due to serious illness within the family and so machinery and goods are being sold. All goods will be sold as seen and will require collecting or transport costs and arrangements agreed within the sale. Some items may not be available immediately as they are still required until the business is closed.

We have two LDPE mono layer extrusion lines and three bagging machines for sale. Two side weld bagging machines (a Harnden PP1000 with block headed attachment) and a Woodbank M1050. Both sideweld machines were bought new by us from the manufacturer. The third machine is an Arvor 872GL with table and punch units. This machine was bought from the UK Distributor (Keely Machinery) after a full factory restoration.

The Bagging Machines …

We have SOLD all of our bagging machines.


The Extrusion lines …

The two lines running before being closed down at the end of March 2017 due to serious family illness:

We have LINE 1 (Dolci 60KS) available. Line 2 has been SOLD. Line 1 is the line to the right hand side (nearest the wall) in the videos …

Youtube Video of the Extrusion Lines running:

Kingpak LDPE Mono Extruders

Kingpak LDPE Mono Extruders Video 2


Line 1.

Dolci 60KS Extruder. Screw diameter 60mm, mono layer LDPE. 200mm Die. Serial Number 6050914KS (1979). The Head/ Airing is a Ghioldi rotating head with six centrifugal type ringmounted fans and is serial number 649 (1987).  The hauloff / winder is a single (1000mm).

We also have various spares and maintenance tools here which will be included with the extruder when sold. Some PCB Cards, a new replacement piston kit (x2 pistons and fittings) and an extruder die along with the motor shown above and some other motor spares.

The line has been disconnected from the main power. The Nip rollers have been disconnected and marked up for re-connection. Nothing else has been disconnected as the buyer would need to do this so they can ensure re-connection for installation. It’s a straightforward job and would not take long. We split the head from the extruder before disconnecting the power.




The following goods are all SOLD


Harnden PP1000 Sideweld Bagging Machine.  (SOLD)


Bought from and commisioned by the manufacturer. This machine as been carefully looked after and can be seen running.

The one potential weak point on this machine is the motor and drive. Our machine had new replacement motor and drive fitted in September 2014 so this is not and cannot be an issue. Parts fitted, to ensure forward compatibility and ease of support are Siemens PM servo motor, Sinamics Control Unit CU305-PN, Sinamics Power Module and metric gears and belts to replace imperial. Software was modified by supplying company and Mark Ball (who wrote the Harnden software and still supports it) to ensure it all ran perfectly. It has done and has been faultless since.
Over it’s standard specification the machine has …
Block Head Sealing Unit with hot pin. This was supplied and fitted by Harnden. It required a new front table, so the original is here as a nearly new spare.
The system also required a trim rewind motor with spool (fitted inline) and two serators to create the tear off for the block head bags.
We also had a table mounted punch unit fabricated. This is foot operated for ease and allows manual punching of the blockheaded bags in three places above the tear off to enable the bags to be used in fixed and mobile hanging points. This ensures they are suitable for retail environment and fruit/ vegetable picking.
Two banks of 6mm perfs. Supplied and fitted by Harnden.
Two Markem Smartdate 2 thermal printers. These were fitted inline and allow print designs to be printed in set repeat – either one up or two up.

Youtube Video of the machine running : Harnden PP1000 Sideweld bagging Machine



Arvor 872 JLC Bottomweld Bagging Machine.   (SOLD)

Standard Arvor machine which has served us very well! It’s simple and just keeps going, pushing lots of weight through. We have the original manual and wiring diagram with the machine.
We have run from 8″ draw length upto 120″ draw length. The machine has a standard seal which is good from 20mu / 80G upto 175mu / 700G. We also have a HEAVY DUTY seal (it’s straightforward to swap them over) which produces a much wider seal and is ideal for 100mu / 400G and above where weld/seal strength is critical.
It has two banks of perfs (6mm) and a table.
Youtube Video of the Arvor running:


Woodbank M1050 Sideweld Bagging Machine. (SOLD).

Bought from and commisioned by the manufacturer. Like our other machines this ‘bagger’ has been well looked after by local Woodbank specialist GLP Machinery. Additions to ‘standard’ specifications are:
Slit seal unit with hotknife to enable multi lane production (4 -up).
Two banks of inline punches (6mm).
Youtube Video of the Woodbank running: Kingpak Woodbank M1050 Sideweld Bagging Machine

Line 2. (Line 2 is SOLD)

Ghioldi E55 Extruder. Screw diameter 55mm, mono layer LDPE. 150S Die (150mm). Serial Number 0571 (1984). The Head / Airing is a Bower AR250 double stage with six centrifugal ring mounted fans and a rotating head. The Hauloff Unit is a Windsor BS1 single (800mm).