Our Product Range …


At Kingpak we extrude Low Density Polyethelene with single (mono) layer extruders. Once we have manufactured the rolls of LD polythene film it is moved to our conversions department.


In the conversion department the rolls of polythene are assigned to a specific machine depending on the specification of bag required. We can manufacture bottom weld and side weld bags.


All of the polythene bags we make are suitable for use with food. We can supply non food use bags (regran), but these have to be specifically ordered. By default all bags are prime, virgin polymer suitable for use with food.

 We have facilities to make coloured and tinted bags, block headed bags, sheets, sleeves and box liners. We can add printed warnings and/or line text to the bags in set repeat and punch 6mm airholes in set repeat.

If you use polythene bags then contact us and we will be happy to provide you with a quotation.